July 4, 2022

Best Business Loans: Compare SME Loans and Microfinance Schemes

Once you have your business idea, securing the money to fund it can be tricky. With so many different business loan and funding schemes available in Malaysia, it's hard to…
July 4, 2022

The Best Loans for SME Businesses

Are you a small-and-medium-sized enterprise that needs funds for your commercial activities? If so, then Malaysia's top banks and development financial institutions have what it takes to increase net working…
June 29, 2022

The Best Islamic Personal Loans | A Complete Guide

Taking out a personal loan can be confusing and stressful, especially when you’re not familiar with the process or the terminology involved. It’s also easy to become overwhelmed by the…
June 29, 2022

Get to Know Islamic Finance: How It Works and Why It’s Beneficial

Islamic finance isn't widely known in the United States and Europe, but its principles have been used in Islamic countries for hundreds of years. In fact, many experts feel that…
June 23, 2022

A Guide to Islamic Finance: Understanding Shariah-Compliant Investments

Islamic finance refers to how businesses and individuals raise capital in accordance with Shariah, or Islamic law. It also refers to the types of investments that are permissible under this…
June 23, 2022

How to Get a Business Loan in Malaysia: The Ultimate Guide

Malaysia is a country with a well-developed economy, and as such, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to get funding through loans. However, getting a business loan in Malaysia…
June 23, 2022

What is Asset-Based Lending and How Does it Work?

If you own a business or are looking to start one, you may have wondered if asset-based lending could help you secure the funding you need. Asset-based lending, or loan-to-value…
June 20, 2022

Advantages of Taking Islamic Property Financing

There are many different types of property financing available to business owners and homeowners. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is Islamic property financing. This type of financing is…
Invest In GoldBlog
June 20, 2022

Is Investing in Gold in Malaysia Worth the Price?

With the recent price hike in gold, many investors are rushing to cash in on this opportunity. Malaysia has seen an increase in gold scams that saw individual investors put…
June 20, 2022

How to Get a Commercial Property Loan: Everything You Need to Know

Commercial property loans can be a great way for business owners to get the money they need to expand their businesses. However, knowing where to start when trying to get…
Limra Private Equity InvestmentBlog
March 28, 2021

What is Private Equity all about? Is it like a members only investing club?

Private equity investments are called "PRIVATE" due to the fact they are non-public. It involves in buying off shares or an possession stake in non-public corporations or funds, in place…
Alternative Bank FinancingBlog
February 28, 2021

Need An Alternative Bank Financing Solutions?

Many might ask what is the alternative to bank financing? Is there any other ways for me to get loan for my business? Or do I need to resort to…
Startup Business FinancingBlog
January 28, 2021

How to Finance your Startup Business without a Traditional Bank?

Startup Business Financing is a key factor to the survival of the company. As a matter of fact, a recent study done by a survey company shows that almost 93.8%…
Islamic FinancingBlog
December 18, 2020

The Advantages of Islamic Financing

Over the years, Islamic financing has grown at a rapid pace globally and is now a market worth more than $3.5 trillion. I set out to explain the 5 advantages…
Shariah Compliant InvestmentBlog
November 25, 2020

All You Need To Know About Shariah Compliant Investment

Financial markets are seeing a growing success story with Islamic finance, a unique form of investment which corresponds with the values of socially responsible investing which is also known as…
Invest In GoldBlog
October 18, 2020

Should you invest in gold in Malaysia?

Invest in gold is a solid investment. Gold is a commodity that holds a universal value throughout the globe and has been used as a trading commodity throughout the ages.…
Business LoanBlog
September 19, 2020

When Do You Need a Business Loan In Malaysia

Small businesses take out commercial bank loans with the hope of using borrowed capital to become more profitable. Business loan can come from sources other than banks, such as credit…
Housing LoanBlog
August 29, 2020

Applying For A Housing Loan In Malaysia

Taking out a housing loan to buy your first property is something most of us will go through. There are a number of things you should consider, such as which…
SME Business LoanBlog
July 21, 2020

What You Need To Know Before Applying a SME Business Loan

You’re finally ready to apply for a SME Business Loan. You’ve struggled through your fair share of ups and downs, and you’ve pushed past a lot of uncertainty. Through it…
Commercial Property LoansBlog
June 1, 2020

Understanding Commercial Property Loans

So you’ve been eyeing a commercial property and now you’re ready to make a purchase. Before you go any further, it’s good to understand the intricacies of purchasing commercial properties…