Many might ask what is the alternative to bank financing? Is there any other ways for me to get loan for my business? Or do I need to resort to the ‘Ah Loong’s’ to get a loan?

In the past, the only source of financing are the traditional banks. Furthermore the process to get a loan requires a lot of documentations. Not to mention you’ll need to have collateral for a better chance in securing your loan.

Nevertheless, these days many banks don’t lend to SME businesses like they used to. Furthermore the traditional banks approval rate is rather low. It is to ensure that the bank never puts itself at too much risk.

Why is it so hard to get a business loan from your bank?

Here are some reasons why traditional banks rejects a large number of small business bank loans applications. There are chances are you’ll be rejected if :

  1. The assessment shows that your income will not be able to pay for your current expenses plus additional loans.
  2. The business proposal and projections are not good enough to make a risk-free decision.
  3. Your employment in a stable position is not long enough to meet bank requirements.
  4. Your credit scoring is poor or no collateral is available.
  5. You have plenty of loans and excess debt in your name at this time.
  6. The bank don’t understand your business concept or have lack of faith in it.
Alternative Bank Financing

Modern Alternatives to Financing Solutions

Growing your business costs money and time. Therefore for most SME owners an alternative to bank financing to get a loan is a must.

As a matter of fact in this modern era comes exciting innovative financing options. You can get the loan you need to build and grow your business without hopping through hoops at the bank around your corner.

Now let’s take a peek at what type of financing solutions are available right now.

  1. Licensed Finance Company
  2. Angel Investor
  3. Crowdfunding
  4. Venture Capital
  5. Business Incubators & Accelerators
  6. Microfinance Providers
  7. Government Grants and Subsidies

Alternative Financing with Limra Assets

At Limra Assets, we give you the financial flexibility to help you move on. Taking your financing to the next level has never been easier. Hence, our Shariah Compliant Financing Solutions & Flexible Business Loans are customised to meet your distinctive needs.

Given that our expertise in corporate finance and sizeable network of investors enables us to finance a variety of circumstances. As a result we are able to offer an exclusive range of Shariah Compliant Financing Solutions to meet the needs of a diversified client base involving corporations as well as high net worth individuals.

We offer innovative shariah financing models – the only of its kind in Malaysia. Basically our shariah financing structures are fully compliant with the policy standards established by the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of Bank Negara Malaysia.

As the reference body and advisor to Bank Negara Malaysia on Shariah matters, the SAC is also responsible for validating all Islamic banking and takaful products to ensure their compatibility with the Shariah principles.

Lastly, if you have exhausted traditional financing options, we can be the fast, easy solution to your financial hurdles. Our services revolutionise the way the industry operates in Malaysia.

For more information on shariah compliant financial solutions, do contact us at +603-7931 6001 or email us at

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